Model Organism Imaging

With a substantial depth of field, the Azure Imaging Systems and Azure Sapphire FL Biomolecular Imager can image much more than flat gels and Western blots.

Document fluorescent protein expression in three-dimensional model organisms, such as xenopus oocytes or zebrafish or collect multiplex fluorescent images of tissue sections. Some examples are shown below.

Systems for Imaging Small Animals, Tissue Slides, and More

For imaging up to 5 microns of live animal, small animal, plant, Western blot, arrays, cell-based assays, and more

Flexible gel doc imaging system for Western blotting and DNA gels

Featured Publication

This authors of this publication study biomarkers for Zika virus, and use phosphor imaging from the Sapphire to study mouse lymphoid tissue.

Documents Related to Tissue Imaging

Related Applications

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