Software Tutorials

AzureSpot Basics

AzureSpot Basics – Analysis Toolbox

Learn to use AzureSpot Analysis Toolbox for analysis of simple gels and blots.

AzureSpot Basics – Array Analysis

Learn the basic workflow of AzureSpot Array Analysis for analysis of multi-well plates and arrays.

AzureSpot Basics – 1D Gel Lane Creation

Begin Image analysis with lane creation. Learn how to create lanes in AzureSpot 1D Gel module.

AzureSpot Basics – 1D Gel Background Subtraction

After lane creation, select the desired background subtraction method. Learn the different types of background subtraction offered in AzureSpot.

AzureSpot Basics – 1D Gel Band Detection

Learn how to detect bands in gels and Western blots using AzureSpot 1D Gel module.

AzureSpot Basics – 1D Gel Molecular Size Determination

Once bands are detected, use AzureSpot to determine the molecular size of your bands.

AzureSpot Basics – 1D Gel Annotation

Annotate images for quick reference.

AzureSpot Basics – 1D Gel Reports

Export analysis reports for a full record od analysis steps and results.

AzureSpot Advanced

AzureSpot Advanced – Multiplex Analysis

Learn how to use AzureSpot for Multiplex Analysis

AzureSpot Advanced – Calibration and Normalization

What is blot normalization? How is that different from signal calibration? This tutorial answers those questions and covers how to perform both normalization and calibration using AzureSpot.

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