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Revolutionizing the way you Western blot! Azure Imagers are high performance Western blot imaging systems capable of NIR fluorescence, visible fluorescence, and chemiluminescence.

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laser-based imaging

Lasers for Sensitive NIR imaging

Using lasers for NIR fluorescent imaging sets the Azure Imagers apart from competitors. Our Imagers are the only ones on the market to use lasers. Narrow, specific laser excitation leads to higher signal, with less background and increases the overall sensitivity of your Western blots.


Flexibility for Optimal Performance

Azure Imagers provide the sensitivity, adaptability, and performance that are needed by a wide variety of experimental processes—allowing you to use the same imager to keep up with research changes and introduce new techniques as your scope continues to develop. Find out which Azure Imager is best for your research by reviewing the comparison table below.

  • Ideal for fluorescent, chemiluminescent, ultraviolet, and visible imaging with a 4.8 OD range
  • Equipped with high-resolution CCD cameras with fast lens options, adjustable optical and lens settings, adjustable height tray with auto-detection, and pre-calibrated focus
  • Simplified imager designs and fewer mechanics to help minimize the need for frequent recalibrations and help mitigate the risk of damage through everyday use
  • Designed to be compatible with the widest variety of light sources to help ensure greatest dye compatibility and highest intensity for optimal specificity

Intelligent Workflow for Easy Customization

From upstream conjugation to downstream analysis, we help provide the most inclusive workflow for your research. The full HD 13.3" touchscreen user interface allows for total customization over imaging protocols, while ensuring repeatability from sample to sample.

  • Features auto-focus, auto-light control, auto-image capture, and dynamic flat fielding
  • Integrated touchscreen for ease of use and easy configuration with an external PC
  • Experimental data files that can be quickly exported to open-source file types
data integrity

Best Practices for Publishable Results

Every piece of technology from Azure Biosystems is designed with your future publications in mind. Our reagents, imaging systems, and software work together seamlessly to help you accurately follow Western blot best practices and generate journal-ready images.

  • Systems and products meet the standards for publications in all major journals, and software can enable 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance
  • Capable of imaging blots up to 420 DPI for high-quality, publication-ready results
  • High-resolution CCD camera with the highest quantum efficiency for the most accurate representation of a chemiluminescent reaction

The Western Blot Imaging System of Your Dreams

Fluorescent Channel Module Upgrades

Several Azure Imaging Systems can be upgraded with the Azure Q Module, an optional green fluorescence channel intended for detecting Total Protein Stains such as TotalStainQ.

This can be used for efficient total protein normalization (TPN) of quantitative Western blots and helps achieve the most accurate quantification.

Diverse Imaging Applications

Ready to expand your research past gels and membranes? What truly sets Azure Imaging Systems apart is their ability to image more than just blots with cameras ranging from 5.4MP to 9.1MP.

From tissue sections and media plates to in-vivo fluorescence of three-dimensional samples, the Azure Imaging Systems have unmatched depth-of-field that easily enables unparalleled imaging flexibility.

Compare Western Blot Imaging Systems

Choose the configuration that supports today’s studies, while maintaining the option to upgrade later on

Upgrades available for chemiluminescence, NIR fluorescence and RGB fluorescence.

Experts Trust Azure Imagers


Azure Imaging Systems support multiple applications and are able to record data from fluorescent and chemiluminescent Western blots, bacterial plates, protein gels, nucleic acid gels, and more.

What Scientists are Saying

Wonderful instrument! Terrific value and customer support!


We’ve been very pleased with the Azure 600 Gel Imaging System. The quality and limit of detection for both the… more

Its sensitivity for western blots is amazing.


In our lab, we have Azure c300 imager purchased years ago and it has never failed our expectations… more


Azure Imagers have been published in over 2,000 publications worldwide. Our high-resolution CCD cameras are the reason behind reproducible data and publication-ready images.


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Get ready to visualize your data with unmatched accuracy trusted by thousands of scientists. Get pricing on an Azure Imager today.

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