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Accurate Western Blot Normalization with AzureRed Fluorescent Protein Stain
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Western Blotting eBook
Why the Azure Cielo Real-Time PCR System?​


10 Top Tips for Converting Western Blots from Chemiluminescence to Multiplex Fluorescence
2024 Scientific Publication Requirements for Western Blots and Gels
3 Tips for Preparing Western Blots for Publication
5 Best Tips for Troubleshooting Poor Band Separation on SDS-PAGE Gels
5 Latest Advancements in Cancer Research using Western Blotting and qPCR
A New Mechanism by Which Bacteriophage T5 Inhibits Growth of E. coli
Advancing Bacterium Research with the Azure c400 at Virginia Tech
Advancing Plant-inspired Materials at University of Georgia with the Azure 200
Antibody Labeling in the Lab
APD, PMT and sCMOS for Fluorescent Detection: What Every Lab Needs to Know
Assessing the response of Asian seabass (Lates calcarifer) to vaccination against Streptococcus iniae using ELISA
Azure 300 Introduces Young Scientists to Western Blotting
Azure 600 helps evaluate fusion protein affinity for SARS-CoV-2 spike protein variants
Azure acquires Dx BioTech and expands proteomics solutions portfolio
Azure Adds Cielo Dx qPCR System for In-vitro Diagnostic Use
Azure Biosystems announces release of new Sapphire™ FL Biomolecular Imager
Azure Biosystems announces the release of the second generation cSeries capture software
Azure Biosystems Awarded SelectScience Seal of Quality Award
Azure Biosystems debuts Sapphire: next-generation laser scanning system with multiple imaging capabilities
Azure Biosystems delivers total solution for Western blot imaging with launch of reagent line
Azure Biosystems introduces the first field upgradable CCD-based imaging systems
Azure Biosystems launches Azure Ao Absorbance Microplate Reader
Azure Biosystems launches AzureSpectra Antibody Labeling Kits
Azure Biosystems launches chemiSOLO, a new personal chemiluminescent Western blot imager
Azure Biosystems releases IQOQPQ for the Azure cSeries Imaging Systems
Azure Biosystems Unveils Mini Sapphire
Azure Biosystems upgrades cSeries with new line of imaging systems
Azure c600 used to detect fluorescence-based proanthocyanidins in situ
Azure enters genomics field with launch of Cielo™ for Real-time PCR
Azure Imagers used to better understand the inhibitory mechanism of gut-derived colibactin production
Azure Partners with BIOZ
Azure to Exhibit at 2023 AACR Annual Conference in Orlando, FL
Azure to Exhibit at SFN Annual Meeting 2023 in Washington, DC
Azure’s Partnership with CerFlux Helps Develop Treatment Options for Patient-specific Tumors
Bendy bands and what to do with them
c600 Used in a Study to Research Malaria Transmission in Mosquitoes
Characterizing candidate anticancer drugs through fluorescent imaging with the Azure c600
Cielo and Sapphire aid in understanding osteoarthritis at the University of Delaware
Cielo Furthers Forensic Science Research at Saint Louis University
Cielo qPCR Helps Identify Potential Anti-aging Properties
Cielo validated in SARS-CoV-2 variant detection assays and multiplex diagnostic panels
Common Western Blotting Questions, Answered
Deciphering Lipid Metabolism in Borrelia burgdorferito Better Understand Lyme Disease
Deeper understanding of coordinated DNA polymerase and helicase activities during DNA replication achieved with help from Sapphire
Detecting a fluorescent anti-cancer drug using the Azure c600 imager
Developing a new biomanufacturing platform for adeno-associated virus
Electrophoresis 101: the Difference between Running and Transfer Buffer
Fluorescent protein gel assays help characterize snake venom toxins and evaluate potential therapeutics
Foolproof Guide to SDS-Page Ladder Migration
Gel Electrophoresis Steps
Genetic Variants Impacting Cardiovascular Disease Revealed using Sapphire
Getting Rid of the Noise: Western Blot Blocking
Handy Resources to Improve Western Blots
Happy 47th Birthday to Western Blotting!
Help! Why do my Western blots look terrible?
History Behind In-cell Westerns
How a Type 2 Diabetes Treatment Reduces Cardiovascular Risk
How is PCR used in genotyping?
How Metal Ions Impact Error-prone DNA Replication
How SDS-PAGE Separates Proteins
How the Sapphire Scanner is Used to Better Grocery Store Tomatoes
How to choose the right gel imager
How to Normalize Western Blots to Total Protein
How to Optimize Your Chemiluminescent Western Blots
How to Simplify Your Western Blot Workflow
How to Troubleshoot Common In-cell Western Issues
Imaging Coomassie-stained gels using NIR fluorescence and white light
In-cell Westerns used to Demonstrate Potent Anti-inflammatory Activity of Mosquito Saliva Protein
Insights into Hepatitis B Virus Replication Gained from Phosphor Imaging of Southern Blots with the Sapphire Imager
International Microorganism Day 2022 – How to Get Involved
Intranasal Administration of Neutralizing IgA Increases SARS-CoV-2 Infection in a Hamster Model
Investigating S-acylation of SARS-Cov-2 Spike Protein Leads to New Insights into Viral Infectivity
Investigating the Mechanism of Pathology in Parkinson’s Disease
Let’s talk about qPCR! Part 1
Let’s Talk about qPCR! Part 2
Linear range of detection and what it means for your quantifications
Loading controls and antibody validation for Western blot quantification
Monitoring Wastewater Helps Gain Insight into COVID-19 Infection
Multicolor fluorescence imaging with Sapphire used to probe the structure of DNA recombinase
Multiplex Western Blots: 6 Strategies that Work
N-terminomics of SARS-CoV-2
New Giveaway Announcement: Win chemiSOLO Personal Western Blot Imaging System
New method effectively stains apoptotic retinal cells without requiring intraocular injections
New production method for lentivirus overcomes the barrier to using a promising pseudotype for transducing stem cells more effectively
New tools created for the study of coagulation pathway proteases
North Carolina’s Elite Christmas Tree Industry
Partnership with GenDx shows post-transplant monitoring capability using the Azure Cielo
Pathological Signature of T Helper 17 Cells Associated with Endometriosis Identified
Phosphor Imaging with the Azure Sapphire in an Investigation of Chromosome Segregation
Phosphor imaging with the Sapphire helps identify a keystone sRNA in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Potential Treatment for Advanced Kidney Cancer
Problems with Ponceau Stain? Consider Alternative Total Protein Stains for Fluorescent Western Blots
Quantitative Western Blot Quiz
Quantitative Western Blotting: How and why you should validate your antibodies
Quantitative Westerns: What is the Best Way to Normalize your Western blot?
Regulation of Gene Expression by Enhancer RNAs
Sapphire Biomolecular Imager used in investigation of potential nasal vaccine for COVID-19
Sapphire FL Nominated for Best New Life Sciences Product of 2023
Sapphire Imager Used in Landmark Study of DNA Repair Pathway
Sapphire used in a Study that Addresses Sudden Cardiac Death
Sapphire used to Study Anti-cancer Effects in Green Tea
Southern blots from Sapphire confirm presence of cccDNA in Hepatitis B study
Stripping and Western Blotting Part 1: How Stripping Buffer Works
Stripping and Western Blotting Part 2: Factors to Consider
Studying the SARS-CoV-2 proteases with the Sapphire Biomolecular Imager
Studying Tissue Morphology with the Sapphire Biomolecular Imager
The evolution of the ELISA and other immunoassays
The Key to Early Alzheimer’s Detection
Trouble-free Transfers
Understanding Multiple Sclerosis Expression using Gene Knockouts
Use Cell-Based Assays to Detect Immunofluorescence in 384-Well Plates
Using the Azure c600 to Study Innate Immunity
Visualizing and Quantifying phosphoproteins via Western Blotting Part 1 of 2
Visualizing and Quantifying phosphoproteins via Western Blotting Part 2 of 2
Western Blot Troubleshooting: Non-specific bands
Western blotting past, present and future
Western Blotting Reagents Roundup – August 2023
Western Blotting Reagents Roundup – July 2022
Western Blotting Reagents Roundup – June 2024
Western Blotting Reagents Roundup – November 2022
Western Blotting Reagents Roundup – September 2020
When to use ELISA vs Western blot
When to use nitrocellulose vs PVDF membranes
When to use Wet, Semi-Dry and Dry Transfers for Western Blots
Which Imager is Best for Total Protein Normalization?
Which protein assay is best for you?
Why is Total Protein Normalization Important?