Filter-based 96-well plate absorbance microplate reader for ELISA, Bradford, Lowry assays & more

Consistent Answers to a Rainbow
of Assays at Your Fingertips

The Ao Microplate Reader has a multitude of features to help you save time with arrays like ELISA, Bradford, and Lowry assays with wavelength ranging from 340-750nm. Each system comes with an 8 position filter wheel with 8 filters: 405, 450, 492, 595, and 630 standard, plus 3 from the filter catalogue, built-in shaker with speed selection, single and dual-read modes, and analysis software. The Ao Microplate Reader offers top-end performance and flexibility found in much more expensive models at an affordable price. 


Filters for Every Assay

5 Standard Filters: 405, 450, 492, 595, and 630 nm for most ELISA, Bradford, and Lowry assays

3 remaining filters are selected from our wide catalogue, ensuring you will have the filter solution for your assays


Reliable Precision, Accuracy, and Linearity

Trust your data

Do not sacrifice speed for accuracy! With a highly sensitive and reactive read speed of <6 seconds, and an accuracy of >0.005 +/- 1% (0-3) OD, you will quickly get your results and trust they are correct

data integrity

Designed with You in Mind

Motorized door for easy access to your 96-well plates. Built in shaker with multiple speed selection. 8 position filter wheel, with 5 standard filters and 3 selectable filters from 340-750 nm


Ease of Use

Easily run your assay and view your analysis

7” intuitive touchscreen interface allows you to quickly choose a pre-set protocol or set up your plate without a separate computer or laborious up/down
arrow keypads

Key Features


Select from pre-set or custom protocols and analysis options.

The Ao Absorbance Microplate Reader makes measurement and analysis easy by creating a standard curve and performing sample calculations automatically.

Ao Plate Reader Software showing pre-programmed bradford protocol
Choosing and setting up an ELISA or Bradford protocol is easy on the Ao Absorbance Microplate Reader with easy-access pre-programmed protocols.


The 96-well format allows for the testing of multiple samples simultaneously while still allowing for a broad detection range.

Touch a sample type to select it, then touch the desired wells to assign that sample type to the plate layout.

Touching the standard and quality-control sample types brings out a submenu that allows you to select up to 12 different standards, and nine different controls.

Ao Plate Reader Software showing plate layout interface
Sample of the Ao Microplate Reader's simple plate layout interface, set to designate where the standards, blank wells, and unknowns are located.


View and analysis your raw data on a large, 7" touchscreen.

After reading the plate, the software opens a REPORT tab with raw data measurements. The standard curve can be viewed and printed by selecting CURVE in the REPORT tab.

The curve-fit and axes can be changed through the PROGRAM tab or the button beside the curve plot, even after a plate is read.

Ao Plate Reader Software ELISA
The absorbance values of standards plotted against a Histamine EIA Kit showing designated concentration values. Touch “CURVE” to view and print the standard curve generated from the absorption readings of the provided standards.


With options for fast or normal measurement speeds, you can have your data in as little as six seconds.

Print or export your results in either report form or as raw data. Data analysis is automatically performed by built-in software.

Your results are easily viewable and exportable using the large touch screen interface, minimizing the need for outside analysis or calculation software.

Ao Plate Reader Software Bradford assay data
View raw absorbance values, analyzed results and analysis curve easily in the REPORT tab.



ParameterAo Microplate Reader (AC3000)
Plate Type96-well Plates
Wavelength range340-750 nm
Filters8 Position Filter Wheel includes 8 filters, 5 standard: 405, 450, 492, 595, and 630, and 3 selected from the filter catalogue
Light sourceQuartz-halogen Lamp
Dynamic range0-4.000 Abs
Resolution0.001 Abs
Linearity (@ 405 nm)0–2.000 Abs ≤±1% 2–4.000Abs ≤±2%
Accuracy (@ 405 nm)0.005 ±1% (0–3 Abs) 0.005 ±2% (3–4 Abs)
Precision (@ 405 nm)CV≤0.2% (0–3 Abs) CV≤1.0% (3–4 Abs)
Read modulesEnd Point, Dual Mode, Kinetic
Read speed<6s Single Mode, 12s Dual Mode
ShakerShaker speeds: slow, medium, fast
Data output2 USB Ports, Optional Printer
Unit dimensions (W x D x H)​440 x 295 x 225 mm
Weight​10 kg


The machine has great accuracy.


Small compact microplate reader that is very user-friendly, and time-saving. The machine has great accuracy as it is able to generate reproducible results.


Streamline your research workflow with the Azure Ao Absorbance Microplate Reader. Get pricing today.

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