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Azure Biosystems announces release of new Sapphire™ FL Biomolecular Imager
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This groundbreaking new imaging system introduces a patent-pending design for a compatible application list that is almost limitless. Interchangeable and customizable laser and filter modules allow the end user to choose the laser-filter pairs...

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Students are taught the most up-to-date methods for high quality analysis of DNA samples with data collected using the Azure Cielo 6 real-time PCR (qPCR) System.

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The chemiSOLO can be controlled by a smartphone, tablet, or laptop through a novel web-based interface...

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Azure Biosystems Supports

Scientist changing optical modules on the new Azure Sapphire FL
Biomolecular Imaging
Laser-scanning systems for NIR fluorescent, visible fluorescent, chemiluminescent,
and phosphor imaging
Two scientists looking at screen on Azure 600 Western blot imager
Western Blotting
High-performance imaging systems for fluorescent and chemiluminescent Western blots, and more
Scientist using screen on Azure Cielo qPCR
Real-time PCR
Designed to offer fast run times, smart protocols, high-quality data,
and robust durability
Hand in blue glove putting liquid into a tube
Buffers, stains, plastics,
and other tools for Western blotting and qPCR
to move your data forward

Accelerated science Innovation High performance Affordability since 2013

Azure Biosystems is a California-based life science company dedicated to propelling scientific discovery in new spaces. We’re a team of scientists obsessed with good data. We ask tomorrow’s questions, today.

By innovating in unexpected places, we create imaging and real-time PCR systems that combine smart, simple workflows with high performance and affordability to accelerate your science.

Global Footprint

Our systems have the flexible capabilities to allow your research to move forward quickly, allowing you to go wherever your data may take you.

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