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Sapphire FL Biomolecular Imager

The Sapphire FL is the second generation Sapphire and ultimate biomolecular imager for flexibility. With customizable and user-changeable laser and filter modules, it easily adapts to a lab’s changing needs and advancing research.

It offers customizable and user-changeable optical modules, 5–1000 μm resolution scans, a Z-plane range from -1.0 to +6 mm, 5 anesthesia ports for imaging living animals, chemiluminescence detection through a Chemiluminescence Module, and much more.

Azure Imaging Systems
Cielo qPCR System

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) allows you to detect small amounts of DNA in a sample. Real-time PCR (qPCR) allows robust, sensitive, quantifiable, abilities to overcome the detection limitations in traditional end-point PCR. This talk will explain how qPCR is utilized in COVID-19 detection and other applications such as GMO and microbiology.

This talk will also focus on the basic requirements one should look for when purchasing their next qPCR system and why the Cielo is the best choice.

Western Blotting

Total protein normalization is the new standard required by journals for Western blot quantification.

Housekeeping proteins (HKPs) are widely used as an internal reference for Western blot normalization. They are often highly expressed, lose proportionality at high protein loads, and only represent one portion of your whole sample. For this reason, using HKPs is an unreliable method of calculating normalization ratios. TotalStain Q accurately accounts for lane-to-lane variations inherent in western blotting. With linearity up to 50 μg of lysate, it is ideal for the normalization of lowly expressed proteins that require high sample loads.

Kits are available for both PVDF and nitrocellulose membranes. TotalStain Q is compatible with any instrument capable of green channel excitation (including the Azure Imager & Sapphire Q modules). Combine it with your downstream near-infrared or chemiluminescent imaging protocol for quantitative analysis, without any destaining step required. This two component, room temperature stable fluorescent stain makes total protein normalization both easy and efficient.

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Two scientists looking at multiplex fluorescent Western blot on Azure 600 Western blot imager

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