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Flexible, upgradable, and affordable performance

Our products cover the full spectrum of capabilities for documentation and quantitative analysis of gels, blots, slides, tissue samples, small animal models, plants, and more.

Choose an imaging system to fulfill your general lab imaging needs. If your research requires maximum flexibility and performance, choose a high-performance, do-it-all scanner, like the new Sapphire FL. Regardless of which model you choose, you will benefit from the same commitment to excellence Azure Biosystems brings to instrument design, manufacturing, service, and support.

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Sapphire FL Biomolecular Imager


Powerful performance, maximum flexibility

For labs that need the highest levels of imaging performance—sensitivity (PG to FG), resolution (down to 5 μm), dynamic range (over 6-log), field-of-view (25 cm x 25 cm scannable area)—or want an imager that can keep up with their diverse and dynamic research needs, we’d like to introduce the Sapphire FL Biomolecular Imager.

It is the ultimate biomolecular imager for flexibility. With customizable and user-changeable laser and filter modules, the Sapphire FL easily adapts to your changing needs and advancing research. It offers customizable and user-changeable optical modules, 5–1000µm resolution scans, a Z-plane range from -1.0 to +6mm, 5 anesthesia output ports for imaging living animals, chemiluminescence detection through the Chemiluminescence Module, and much more.

Azure Imaging Systems

AZI200-01 - AZI600-01

Workhorse systems for every lab

Our family of imagers offers fast, sensitive, high-resolution 9MP CCD-based detection in a small, benchtop-friendly footprint.

Choose the basic 200 for streamlined gel documentation and densitometry (white light, blue light, and UV) and then upgrade later as your studies change.

Upgrade to the 300 to add the ability to detect chemiluminescence at the same sensitivity as film.

The 300 is also upgradable to the 400, which adds visible (RGB) fluorescence detection, or the 500 for near infrared (NIR) fluorescence detection.

All of these models can be upgraded to the 600 which combines all of these detection modes—white light, blue light, UV, chemiluminescence, visible fluorescence, and NIR fluorescence—in a single powerful instrument.



Personal chemiluminescent imager

chemiSOLO detects low-expressing proteins with femtogram sensitivity and captures marker images at the push of a button.

A unique web browser interface allows chemiSOLO to be controlled by phone, tablet, or PC, without the need to install any additional software.

In addition to Western blots, it captures pictures of colorimetric blots or visible stained protein gels, like Coomassie blue or silver stain.

chemiSOLO’s wide dynamic range can be further enhanced by using EDR, our Extended Dynamic Range function. This feature allows for linear, quantitative data, while avoiding saturation.

Cielo qPCR Systems

AIQ060, AIQ030

Smart protocols, robust durability

The Cielo’s efficient well-based scanning technology scans multiple data points within each well, eliminating the need for normalization dyes, such as ROX.

Engineered for a wide variety of qPCR applications with high sensitivity and wide dynamic range.

AzureSpot Pro


Software for sophisticated analysis, simple and streamlined workflows

With a focus on applications and a deep understanding of how scientists work, AzureSpot Pro Software delivers powerful image analysis that’s quick and easy to implement.

From simple image capture to sophisticated quantitative analysis, AzureSpot Software offers a wide breadth of quantitative capabilities.

Reagents and Consumables

For accurate protein analysis and more

Our products are meticulously formulated to meet the demands of cutting-edge research, to ensure accuracy and reliability whether you’re doing protein analysis or gene expression. From efficient reagents to specialized secondary antibodies, and essential consumables, our catalog is curated with your research in mind: to help you achieve quantifiable, superior results. Explore our catalog and elevate your experiments today.

We're Here to Help You Choose the Best System

Still not sure whether your studies need the new chemiSOLO, an Azure Imager or Sapphire FL?

Fill out this quick form to set up a demo. We’ll go through your current studies and walk you through each systems’ capabilities so you can make the best decision. Someone from our team will be in touch with you soon! We can’t wait to meet you.

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