Why Cielo?

Azure Cielo qPCR system

For faster qPCR that's unparalleled in:

➡ Speed
➡ Flexibility
➡ Sensitivity
➡ Reproducibility
➡ Simplicity


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With Cielo, you can start your run at the bench and view results from anywhere.

Easily connect to your Cielo via Wi-Fi, ethernet, USB or LAN. Connectivity to Wi-Fi, USB, e-mail, and external PCs allow you to easily export your data. Get notified after each completed run and even remotely access protocols and files.


Up to 6 fluorescent channels allow for flexible dye usage and broad application flexibility.

Novel fiber optic detection system allows for enhanced sensitivity and speed. The option of 3 or 6 standard channels allows you to analyze a variety of commercially available dyes.


Individual illumination and scanning of each well allows for specific and precise detection of qPCR signals

Unlike systems that use whole plate imaging, Cielo uses in-well excitation and detection so no light falls outside of the well, reducing background noise.

Because the excitation light path length is the same well-to-well, Cielo does not require reference dyes, freeing one additional channel for another target.


Optics and thermal block designed to deliver the same uniformity and reproducibility over and over again

Results from the Cielo are easily repeatable across runs. 1.3-fold differences in gene expression can be detected.

Reasons to Choose Cielo

Fast Results

  • Unique fiber optics based qPCR detection allowing a complete 96-well scan in 1.5 seconds per channel
  • Maximum sample ramp rate of 6°C/sec

Results Emailed to You

  • Get notified immediately after each completion of each run through email
  • Easily export data via Wi-Fi, ethernet, USB or LAN

Open Platform

  • Open platform compatible with a vast variety of dye/probe based chemistries
  • Third-party dye compatible

High Sensitivity

  • Detection sensitivity of up to 1 copy of amplified DNA

qPCR Your Way

  • Available in either 3 or 6 optical channel models to give you options for multiplex analysis

  • Ability to set up a temperature gradient with 12 zones


  • Tested for >1000 continuous experiments

Cielo Customers Include

Compatible with Commercially available Dyes

Other dyes/probes are possible depending on the system configuration

Supported Applications

  • Quantitative and qualitative gene expression analysis​
  • miRNA analysis​
  • Genetic mapping​
  • Genetic fingerprinting​
  • NGS library quantification​
  • 3 or 6 channel multiplex ability​
  • Pathogen quantification​
  • And more!


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