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Is your current digital system not giving you the sensitivity and results you need? Do you have an old gel documentation system, or other Western blot imaging system taking up space? The Azure Biosystems Trade-in Program makes it easy to upgrade to a new imaging system that’s perfect for all your imaging requirements.

What Scientists Say about Azure Imagers

The Azure 600 Western blotting imaging system [has] sensitive detection, intuitive software. Great for our NIR, fluorescence and chemiluminescent western blot detection. Multiplexing works great! Also a superior system to document our nucleic acid gels. The whole department appreciates them (we have two).

John Daum
John Daum
Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

We purchased the Azure imaging system to replace our previous digital imager (a Fluorchem Q) when it broke beyond repair. We chose the Azure system for several reasons. First, the machine itself was simple to use and had a small footprint, which is very important for our cramped bench space. Second, we were able to demo the machine. You cannot appreciate how easy-to-use a piece of equipment is until you have it in your hands without the field rep there to guide you. Third, Azure will send field reps to service the instrument. We chose Azure over Protein Simple because Protein Simple would not do this. Quality customer service is important for us because our lab is small and we are all very busy and unable to spend hours troubleshooting.

Darlise DiMatteo
Incyte Corporation

Recently bought this imager after having tested Biorad, ProteinSimple, Multiple GE machines and UVP. I was looking for the imager that gave us the best image quality for our western blots, the price was not a question. I can confidently say that this imager gave us the highest image quality and had the most functionality, on top of being one of the more affordable imagers. I am very happy with this machine and would definitely recommend it.

Alex Chan
USC Keck

What Can You See with Our Imagers?

Western Blots, Gels, Petri dishes, Tissue sections, Small animal models, Plants, and MORE!

In-gel Fluorescence with GFP and TAMRA

In-gel fluorescence with GFP TAMRA

In-gel Fluorescence with GFP and TAMRA

Western blot with Cy3 and Cy5

E coli

Escherichia coli plate
Western Blot
chemiluminescent western blot

Mouse Brain Sections

Mouse brain sections imaged using Azure Imager
RFP-expressing tumor in mouse
Subcutaneous RFP-expressing tumor in mouse
GFP Expressing
Arabidopsis thaliana
GFP Expressing Arabidopsis thaliana imaged using Azure Imager

Shop for a New Imager with Your Trade-in Credit

Azure Imager Users Include

Azure’s high performance line of imagers can revolutionize your research and help you achieve reliable and reproducible results that are ready for publication.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s our trade-in that’s good for you and the planet. If your trade-in system is eligible for credit, you can offset the purchase price of a new one.

Just answer a few questions regarding the brand, model, and condition of your current system. We’ll provide an estimated trade-in value.

If you accept the trade-in, we’ll give you instant credit towards the purchase of a new system from Azure Biosystems.

You can trade in Azure and third-party systems. Many third-party devices, such as ones from Bio-rad, Licor, and ThermoFisher, are eligible for a trade-in credit.

It’s hard to estimate how much your system is worth without more information. Please fill out the form on this page and someone will reach out to you about the trade-in value of your system.


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FlyerDigital imaging for Western Blots: Why it’s Essential and What to Look forDOWNLOAD

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