Gel Doc Trade-in Program

$$$ for Your Current System

Get $$$ for your existing imager towards the purchase of a new Azure Imaging System

Do you have an old gel documentation system, or other Western blot imaging system taking up space in your lab?

Save money on the purchase of a brand new imaging system by trading it in!

Trade your old system and receive up to 60% off* the purchase of a new Azure Imaging System!

Azure’s high performance line of imagers can revolutionize your research and help you achieve reliable and reproducible results that are ready for publication.

Key Features

Chemiluminescent Imaging with Color Markers

Every Azure Imaging System provides high-resolution imaging that is ideal for publication purposes, as well as higher pixel well cap for higher dynamic range. You can overlay a color marker with the chemiluminescent signal for ease of documentation and molecular size determination.

Laser-based NIR Imaging

Unique near-infrared (NIR) lasers help keep signal high and background low. Our high-performance multiplex NIR lasers and filters deliver robust excitation energy, which maximizes emission strength for maximum sensitivity.

Fluorescent Channel Module Upgrades

Several Azure Imaging Systems can be upgraded with the Azure Q Module, an optional green fluorescence channel intended for detecting Total Protein Stains such as TotalStainQ.

This can be used for efficient total protein normalization (TPN) of quantitative Western blots and helps achieve the most accurate quantification.

Multi-Channel Detection Capabilities

The Azure Imaging Systems’ laser technology offers two NIR detection channels along with three visible fluorescence (RGB) fluorescence channels. This allows you to study multiple proteins in a single assay, even if those targets overlap in molecular weight. You can also easily resolve and quantify co-migrating bands, such as phosphorylated versus pan-protein forms.

Diverse Imaging Applications

Ready to expand your research past gels and membranes? What truly sets Azure Imaging Systems apart is their ability to image more than just blots.

From tissue sections and media plates to in-vivo fluorescence of three-dimensional samples, these imagers’ unmatched depth-of-field enable unparalleled imaging flexibility.

Compare Systems

Choose the configuration that supports today’s studies, while maintaining the option to upgrade later on


The ability to do multiple applications with one imager


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Azure Biosystems has been published in over 2,000 publications worldwide. Our high-resolution CCD cameras are the reason behind reproducible data and publication-ready images.

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