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Image analysis software for advanced analysis of Western blots, gels, plates, and more

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Download the full version of AzureSpot Pro image analysis software or download a free trial for 30 days. Follow the steps below to get the process started.

AzureSpot Pro analysis software showing in-cell Western, 96-well plate
AzureSpot Pro analysis Software
Download & Install

Windows Requirements:

  • 2GB RAM
  • Windows 10 or newer
  • .NET 6 Desktop Runtime
  • WebGL compatible GPU
  • 2GB disk space free
Mac OS Requirements:
  • Mac OS 10.15 Catalina or newer (view the complete list)
  • .NET 6 Runtime
  • 2GB disk space free

Do you have an M1/M2 processor?  Check and see.

Get Your Access Key

After installing the AzureSpot Pro software, fill out the form below to receive a unique access key (this is required to run the software). You will receive your access code via email.

What can you do with AzureSpot Pro?

AzureSpot Pro combines several powerful analysis tools into one convenient and easy-to-use package. Designed to guide you through the analysis process, AzureSpot Pro is an easy-to-use Western blot image analysis software that makes complex and customized analysis simple.

AzureSpot Pro lane detection

Automatic Lane and Band Detection

Customize and fine tune analysis to your style

Easily use automatic band detection, detect bands manually using lane profiles, or detect by clicking on the image itself.

multiplex analysis

Multiplex Analysis

Single or multichannel Images

Options to view individual channels in a multiplex image, view all channels simultaneously, or delete channels


Blot and Array Normalization

Grid-based analysis system

For arrays and plate-based assays, AzureSpot Pro provides options for normalization and presence/absence detection.

colony counting

Colony Counting

Fast and accurate

Provides fast and easy counting of spots and features in plates

molecular weight

Molecular Weight Analysis

Tools for molecular weight, quantity calibration and normalization using house keeping proteins or total protein


Mac & PC Compatability

Ease of access

Windows 8.1 64bit, or macOS 10.15 Catalina

Windows 10 Professional 64bit or macOS 11 Big Sur recommended

quantity accuracy

Quantity Calibration

Get the most out of your data

Perfect for normalization and quantity calibration with multiplex Western blots

Key Features

Single-channel / Multi-channel Images

Analysis of in-cell Western blots, Western blots, and more are made easy with AzureSpot Pro.

Analyze single channel or multichannel images with options to view individual channels in a multiplex image, view all channels simultaneously, or delete channels.

Automatic Saturation Detection highlights saturated pixels. A 3D model of each image alongside the saturation detection allows users to visualize signal trends before in-depth analysis even begins.
AzureSpot Pro features native multiplex image support, with more multiplex pseudocolor options

Multiple Lane Boxes

Multiple lane boxes allow for simultaneous analysis of multiple blots, gels or plates in a single image. Customize the number of lanes or lane boxes, and even the shape of each box and lane for the most accurate analysis of each image.
Create multiple lane boxes using AzureSpot Pro to simultaneously analyze multiple blots, gels or plates in a single image.

Band Detection

Band detection options allow users to customize and fine tune analysis to their unique analysis style. Use automatic band detection, detect bands manually using lane profiles, or detect by clicking on the image itself. Customize automatic band detection by channel or detect globally across a multichannel image with one set of parameters.
AzureSpot Pro allows you to create colored band boxes to help distinguish bands that are close together.

Background Subtraction

Choose from several background subtraction methods, including rolling ball and image rectangle, with the ability to customize background subtraction for each channel within your image. Background subtraction allows for more accurate analysis in certain situations such as total protein detection and normalization.
AzureSpot Pro analysis Software
The background subtraction feature allows for more accurate analysis in certain situations, such as total protein normalization.

Multiple Analysis Modules

A variety of analysis modules give users powerful analysis tools at their disposal, including modules for:
  • Multiplex and single-channel gels and blots
  • Plates and arrays
  • Area analysis
  • Profile analysis
  • Colony counting
AzureSpot Pro supports large image files and has native multi-page TIFF support. Arrays and plate-based assays can utilize the Array module’s grid-based analysis system which includes options for normalization and presence/absence detection.



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