Access to More Applications with One Imager

The new Azure Sapphire FL gives you access to multiple applications

Azure Biosystems Sapphire Applications Booklet

Whatever type of imaging your lab does—whether it’s the ubiquitous Western blot, Southern blots of 2D DNA gels, visualizing gross morphology of tissues or small model animals, or something more unique—the new Sapphire FL Biomolecular Imager will deliver outstanding, quantitative detection with NIR and RGB fluorescence, chemiluminescence, and phosphor imaging.

Experience the flexibility and performance for yourself

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Sapphire FL Applications

Fluorescent Western blots with up to four color detection

Get faster workflows and more reliable quantitation

Multiplex fluorescent Western blot from Azure Biosystems imager
Sensitive chemiluminescent detection

Maximize your Western blot workflow options

Chemiluminescent Western blot with color marker imaged with Azure Biosystems
View and quantify 35S-labeled proteins in 2D gels

Perform proteomics analysis on metabolically-labeled samples

Phosphor imaging

Directly detect DNA for Sanger sequencing and footprinting
Track protein movement through tissue in small animals

Lymphatic antigen tracking in mouse hindpaw 

Visualize anatomical

Tissue Slides

Mouse lung tissue slide probed for vascular endothelial (VE)-cadherin (AzureSpectra 550 nm secondary antibodies) and smooth muscle actin (SMA) (AzureSpectra 650 nm secondary antibodies)

Mouse lung tissue imaged on the Azure Sapphire FL
Adjustable focal plane allows you to look at multiple depths

50-micron scan of a flower taken from 0 to 6 mm with 1 mm adjustments

A 50-micron scan of a flower was taken using an Azure Sapphire FL from 0 to 6 mm with 1 mm adjustments.


exceptional dynamic range and image quality

Exceptional visible fluorescent and near infra-red scanning

The compact Sapphire Biomolecular Imager incorporates visible fluorescent and NIR scanning along with true chemiluminescent and white light imaging. It’s a true making it a true lab workhorse.

As scientists, we like to pride ourselves on objectively evaluating data before coming to any conclusions, and staying open to new ideas if they are better supported by new information. Purchasing a new piece of lab equipment should be no different, especially when it comes to instruments that we entrust to make measurements and record data for our critical studies.

Three Whole Mice - scanned at 10μm with the Sapphire
Mouse embryo on Sapphire

Flexibility with Phosphor Imaging

Step away from the limitations of film-based autoradiography and get the wide dynamic range and high sensitivity of phosphor imaging-based detection.

Quantitative Fluorescence Imaging

Improve your quantitation with the ability to reliably measure multiple proteins in a single blot, from very weak to very strong bands.

Sensitivity with Chemiluminescence Imaging

Experience the speed and sensitivity of traditional film with 4-fold greater sensitivity and detection down to femtogram amounts of protein.

Flexibility with uncompromising performance

The next generation of laser scanning systems, the Sapphire FL delivers unmatched flexibility and performance for today’s demanding labs.

With more imaging modalities than any other instrument currently on the market, the Sapphire’s four solid state lasers and patent-pending three-detector system enables an incredibly wide range of applications. And the intuitive, easy-to-use software ensures a smooth acquisition and analysis experience for all users.

  • Improved multiplex fluorescent detection (near IR and visible)
  • Option to add chemiluminescent imaging, surpassing film
  • Unlimited laser and filter wavelength combinations
  • Higher sensitivity for lower limits of detection (femtograms)
  • Broad linear dynamic range for accurate quantitation
  • Ease-of-use with intuitive control software
  • 5 Micron resolution

Scientists are Raving about Sapphire


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With the new Sapphire FL, your applications have never looked better.

Download the Sapphire application booklet for to see for yourself.

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