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Looking for the right Western blotting reagents? You've come to the right spot!

Azure Biosystems has a full range of transfer buffers, substrates, and blocking buffers to support your Western blot workflow. You can request a free sample using the form this page. Visit our online store to browse full size options.

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Enhanced protein transfer for improved sensitivity

Azure’s proprietary transfer buffer provides improved detection of low-abundance and post-translationally modified proteins. High-efficiency protein transfer and increased protein retention on the membrane add up to more sensitive Western blots.

Provided as a 50x concentrated solution

Azure’s Fluorescent Demo Kits contain everything you need to perform a single color fluorescent Western using your sample and primary antibodies.

Email info@azurebiosystems.com to request a free demo kit.

Single use demo kit for the Azure Flash Western. 

Email info@azurebiosystems.com to request a free demo kit.

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