Long-lasting signal and High Sensitivity substrates for Chemiluminescent Samples

Radiance chemiluminescent horseradish peroxidase (HRP) substrates are specially formulated for CCD imaging and to provide excellent performance with Azure Imaging Systems. Radiance substrates produce strong, long-lasting signal that is linear with respect to protein load.

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Azure Radiance plus kit for Western blotting

Which substrate is right for you?

Chemiluminescent Western blots are one of our favorite things. If you’re having difficulty with the process, try different substrates to increase sensitivity and signal duration. Azure offers 3 different substrates with differing sensitivities for detecting high to moderate versus low abundance proteins. These different substrates also have different reaction rates and emit light for different durations of time, which can affect your ability to capture multiple exposures. Go on, try out a sample!

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