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Radiance Q chemiluminescent substrate is specially formulated for use with Azure Imaging Systems, or other CCD imagers. This novel horseradish peroxidase (HRP) substrate provides a strong, long-lasting signal, the broadest useful linear range, and high sensitivity for the most quantitative chemiluminescent Western assays.

Size: 150 mL

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Increase the sensitivity and quantitative accuracy of your chemiluminescent Western blots. Specially developed for CCD imaging, Radiance Q produces a strong, long-lasting signal with extremely low background, perfect for detecting low abundance proteins. Because the substrate is not depleted at high protein loads, Radiance provides the largest dynamic range of any chemiluminescent substrate, improving quantitative accuracy.

  • Extended dynamic range for detecting low and high abundance proteins within the same blot
  • Compare performance to SuperSignal West Dura and Amersham ECL Prime
  • Sensitivity in mid femtograms
  • Signal duration 10-24 hours
Comparison of Radiance Q against competitors like Amersham ECL, Amersham ECL Plus, SuperSignal West Dura
Low background for broad useful linear dynamic range. Extremely low background with Radiance. Replicate Western blots were developed using Radiance or one of three other chemiluminescent substrates. After a simultaneous 20 minute exposure to the same piece of film, Radiance displays the best combination of sensitivity and signal with low background. All display parameters are identical across all images shown in this figure.
Radiance Q Exposure Signal Duration
Long-lasting signal. Radiance allows blots to be imaged several hours after substrate incubation. Blots can be re-imaged to obtain the perfect exposure, without worrying about signal decay. A blot was imaged with 2 min exposures at 5 min and 60 min after substrate incubation.




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