Radiance ECL

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Chemiluminescent HRP substrate for chemiluminescent Western blots

Radiance ECL is an HRP substrate with long-lasting signal and sensitivity down to low picograms. Use up to 10 times less antibody than other substrates used in life science.

  • Size: 500 mL

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Performance — compare performance to SuperSignal West Pico and Amersham ECL
Sensitivity — high sensitivity in low picograms
Duration — Signal duration 6-8 hours

Chemiluminescent Western Blotting

The most common method for Western blot detection is chemiluminescence. Detection by chemiluminescence is relatively sensitive and works well for detecting individual or low abundance proteins.

Fluorescent Western Blotting

Fluorescence Western blotting is beneficial when your experiment requires quantitation, particularly between different proteins in the same sample. Fluorescent methods are especially useful for detection of post-translationally modified versions of proteins, since the difference in molecular weight is often not enough for clear resolution on an average gel.



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