Incubation Trays

$40.76 (USD)

For staining and washing gels and membranes​. Opaque trays are ideal for light sensitive applications such as fluorescent gel stains and Western blotting.

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ThumbnailSKUNumber of trays, size and colorDescriptionPriceQuantity 
AC21205 trays 7x5 cm Black$40.76 (USD)
AC21214 trays 9x6 cm Black$40.76 (USD)
AC21223 trays 11x9 cm Black$40.76 (USD)
AC21232 trays 15.5x10.5 cm Black$40.76 (USD)
AC21505 trays 7x5 cm Clear$40.76 (USD)
AC21514 trays 9x6 cm Clear$40.76 (USD)
AC21523 trays 11x9 cm Clear$40.76 (USD)
AC21532 trays 15.5x10.5 cm Clear$40.76 (USD)


Save on reagents by matching the size to your gel or blot

Incubation trays for staining and washing electrophoresis gels and membranes.

Available in opaque or clear, the trays have smooth interiors to avoid damage to gels and membranes and lids to protect them from dust and debris.


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