AzureSpectra Fluorescent Western Blotting Kits with Protein-free Block

$310.81 (USD)

Full kits for two-color fluorescent Western blots. Also offered with Fluorescent Block.

Each kit contains enough materials for 10 Western blots:

  • 9x7cm Low Fluorescence PVDF Membranes, 10 membranes
  • 10x Fluorescent Blot Washing Buffer, 250mL
  • 5x Protein-Free Blot Blocking Buffer, 60mL
  • 2x Background Quenching Sheets
  • 2x 40μL Fluorescent Secondary Antibodies

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Available Options

AC2140goat-α-rb IR700, goat-α-ms IR800$310.81 (USD)
AC2141goat-α-ms IR700, goat-α-rb IR800$310.81 (USD)
AC2104goat-α-rb 650, goat-α-ms 550$310.81 (USD)

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Each kit includes:

  • Pre-cut membranes,
  • Wash buffer,
  • Protein-free blot blocking buffer,
  • Quenching sheets,
  • Secondary antibodies to detect two proteins per experiment.
How two-color fluorescent multiplex Western blotting works
Two-color fluorescent multiplex Western blotting. Using secondary antibodies labeled with different fluorophores, two proteins can be detected on a single blot by controlling excitation and detection channels (a). AzureSpectra conjugates incorporate the phycobiliproteins allophycocyanin (APC) and R-phycoerythrin (RPE), extremely bright fluorescent proteins from cyanobacteria and aukaryotic algea (b,c). AzureSpectra IR conjugates incorporate IR700 and IR800 fluorescent dyes with near-infrared excitation and emission wavelengths (d,e).



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