Azure Transfer Buffer

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This proprietary transfer buffer provides improved detection of low-abundance and post-translationally modified proteins.

High-efficiency protein transfer and increased protein retention on the membrane add up to more sensitive Western blots.

Provided as a 50x concentrated solution. Sufficient for 50-100 blots

Size: 500mL

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  • High performance—increased protein retention on the membrane and fast transfer times result in more sensitive detection of low-abundance and post-translationally modified proteins
  • Efficient—enhanced transfer efficiency for proteins of all sizes
  • Fast—transfer proteins in less than 20 minutes vs. several hours required with traditional transfer buffers
  • Convenient—use your existing wet transfer electrophoresis apparatus
Azure transfer buffer vs. Towbin buffer
Complete transfer in less than 20 minutes! Transfer of CEA (high MW) and GAPDH (low MW) proteins was compared using Azure Transfer Buffer and Towbin transfer buffers. Following Western blot analysis, the data show equivalent protein transfer in 15 minutes with Azure Transfer Buffer vs. 60 minutes with Towbin buffer.

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