Azure Imaging systems Comparison

Azure 600 Western blot imager with Select Science Bronze Seal of Quality

Compare Western Blot Imaging Systems

Choose the configuration that supports today’s studies, while maintaining the option to upgrade later on

Upgrades available for chemiluminescence, NIR fluorescence and RGB fluorescence.

What Can You See with Azure Imaging Systems?

Western Blots, Gels, Petri dishes, Tissue sections, Small animal models, Plants, and MORE!
In-gel Fluorescence with GFP and TAMRA
In-gel fluorescence with GFP TAMRA
In-gel Fluorescence with GFP and TAMRA
Western blot with Cy3 and Cy5
Escherichia coli
Escherichia coli plate
Chemiluminescent Western
Chemiluminescent Western Blot imaged with Azure Imager

Mouse Brain Sections

Mouse brain sections imaged
Subcutaneous RFP-expressing tumor in mouse
Subcutaneous RFP-expressing tumor in mouse
GFP Expressing Arabidopsis thaliana
GFP Expressing Arabidopsis thaliana

Raving Reviews for Azure Imagers


All imaging systems come with:

  • Intuitive Capture Software with One-touch workflows controlled by a wide touchscreen running Microsoft Windows 10
  • Preset protocols of typical detections for each Azure Imaging System model. Select your application and the instrument chooses the appropriate auto-image settings: light source and filter, lens aperture, focus, and resolution. Manually image option available
  • Custom protocol capabilities to combine any light source and filter, selection of image overlay, lens aperture, exposure time, focus, distance to the camera, and resolution *
  • Full range of photo-documentation capabilities
  • Focus-free imaging
  • Optional: AzureSpot Pro Analysis Software
  • Optional: 21 CFR Part 11 software and IQOQ Procedures

Select imaging systems come with:

  • NIR: Two Near-Infrared Fluorescence channels (laser excitation at 685nm and 784nm) for the most sensitive Western Blot quantitation. Multiplex detection of two targets in the same position.
  • RGB: Three Visible Fluorescence channels (LED excitation in RGB) for ample flexibility in fluorochrome detection. Normalization of Near-Infrared WB against HKP or TPS with TotalStain Q, detection of visible fluorescent biomolecules and dyes in WB, gels, Petri dishes, TLC, etc.
  • ECL: Chemiluminescence detection that surpasses X-ray film detection in sensitivity and dynamic range. True color molecular weight marker detection.
  • DOC: Photo-documentation of gels, translucent and opaque samples. Fluorescence of dyes with UV and Blue excitation, densitometry, true color imaging


The ability to do multiple applications with one imaging system


Azure Biosystems has been published in over 2,000 publications worldwide. Our high-resolution CCD cameras are the reason behind reproducible data and publication-ready images.


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