Azure Cielo™ Dx real-time PCR system for in vitro diagnostics (IVD)

Cielo Dx qPCR system for in vitro diagnostic (IVD) use brings the accuracy and sensitivity that clinical laboratories demand

Why Choose Azure Cielo Dx




Operates with 6-target detection and allows for the flexibility you need, right at your fingertips


Dye Varieties


The option of 3 or 6 standard channels lets you analyze a variety of commercially available dyes, already in your workflow.

in vitro diagnostics



Cielo Dx is registered with the U.S. FDA as Class II 510(k) exempt devices


CE for EU


CE marked under the In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices Directive (98/79/EC)*

*Cielo Dx is available for distribution and use in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden

Key Features

Quickly Set up and Confirm Plate Layout

Each well is easily labeled with three identifiers:

  1. Well Type,
  2. Sample ID, and
  3. Dye/Target.

These identifiers are used for data analysis and easy visualization of the amplification and standard curves.

View Each Individual Amplification Trace by Target or Sample

Easily view all of your data at once or select specific wells/targets to view a subset of your data.

Visualize amplification curves in linear or log view and change the color of the amplification curves to easily distinguish the data by Sample ID or target.

5-point, 10-fold dilution series of a six-target qPCR assay. Targets: RRP36 (Efficiency = 96.8%, R2 = 0.99), ACTB (Efficiency = 97.1%, R2 = 0.99), SDHA (Efficiency = 98.0%, R2 = 0.99), GAPDH (Efficiency = 100.8%, R2 = 0.99), TBP (Efficiency = 95.5%, R2 = 0.99), and B2M (Efficiency = 97.5%, R2 = 0.99).

2D Sample Heat Map

Wells are colored in a heat map style based on Cq value, with the lowest Cq values in green and highest Cq values in red. Quickly review Cq values, and assess data uniformity and separation between dilutions.

qPCR heatmap using Azure Cielo Manager
7-point, 10-fold dilution series in duplicate amplifying a 150 bp amplicon (Efficiency = 94.3%, R2 = 0.99), with two unknowns, each with four replicates.

Optical Design Eliminates the Need for ROX

Well-based excitation and color-specific LED light sources ensure the excitation efficiency in every well for every channel is the same. Coupled with the Cielo’s scanning technology which collects multiple data points from each well, the well-based optical design eliminates the need for normalization dyes such as ROX.


qPCR amplification curves using Azure Cielo Manager
Amplification curves for 96 replicates of the same 150 bp amplicon (Mean Cq = 19.5, Cq Standard deviation = 0.03).

Approximately 100,000 Data Points/Wells Using Total Well Detection Technology

Competitive systems only acquire 1 pixel/well compared to the Cielo’s ability to capture approximately 100,000 pixels/wells, enabling accurate, reproducible and sensitive representation of fluorescent intensities from each qPCR well.

Cielo is able to capture approximately 100,000 pixels per qPCR well

Built for Reproducibility

High-quality engineering includes Peltier-based thermal block system designed for superior thermal cycling and unmatched optical design to ensure every run is accurate and reproducible.

Amplification curves for 96 replicates shown on a linear plot
Unparalleled uniformity. Amplification curves for 96 replicates of the same 150 bp amplicon: A. Linear view, B. Log view. (Mean Cq = 19.1, Cq Standard deviation = 0.001).

Compare Systems

Easy to Use

Onboard software operated by a 10.2″ touchscreen minimizes footprint and saves you bench space

Scientist using screen on Azure Cielo qPCR system

Cielo Dx qPCR Applications

What Scientists are Saying about Cielo Dx

Good machine, easy to use.


Good machine, easy to use, highly accurate and easy to take the results but the difficulty in test timing it takes an hour and 37 minutes to complete the run.


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