Azure Biosystems Partners with CerFlux to Develop Treatment Options for Patient Specific Tumors

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CerFlux is excited to announce a new partnership with Azure Biosystems. Azure’s Sapphire is an important part of the imaging technology currently being used at CerFlux as we continue our work on our National Institutes of Health / National Cancer Institute and Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama grant projects.

As CerFlux CEO-Scientist, Dr. Karim Budhwani explains, “Deep tissue imaging is a limiting factor in developing next-generation ex vivo cancer models. We are excited to partner with Azure to advance rapid deep tissue imaging, not only to reduce imaging time and cost but also to substantially enhance rigor and reproducibility in life sciences research and translation of clinically relevant biotech and nanomedicine applications.”

Azure Biosystems is excited to support CerFlux in their mission to study in vivo and ex vivo cancer models. Check back for application notes, videos and more on this novel use of the Azure Sapphire Biomolecular Imager.

Image Caption: Scientists at CerFlux working with the Azure Sapphire Biomolecular Imager


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