Sapphire FL Nominated for Best New Life Sciences Product of 2023

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Dublin, Calif. – March 7, 2024 – Azure Biosystems is thrilled to announce that the Sapphire FL Biomolecular Imager is a nominee for the SelectScience® 2024 Scientists’ Choice Awards Best New Life Sciences Product of 2023. The Scientists’ Choice Awards honor the best new laboratory products from the previous year. The Sapphire FL is one of 11 products on the short list for the prestigious award. We invite scientists and clinical professionals worldwide to vote from now until March 25 for the Sapphire FL.

The Sapphire FL is a high-resolution imaging system with resolution adjustable from 1000 micron to 5 micron, and includes customizable, user-changeable laser and filter modules that allow detection of almost any fluorophore and easy adaptation to changing imaging needs.

“We are beyond excited the Sapphire FL has been nominated for the Best Life Sciences Product of 2023,” said Lisa Isailovic, Vice President of Marketing at Azure . “We are proud of its ability to support our customer base by meeting their diverse imaging needs. It was designed to allow research-driven experimental design and put an end to research dictated or limited by laboratory instrumentation. We’re proud to say it does exactly that, and more.”

Voting for the Sapphire FL to win the SelectScience® 2024 Scientists' Choice Award for Best New Life Sciences Product is now open!. Voting closes March 25, 2024. Click here to vote now!

The Sapphire FL is the only biomolecular scanner in its class that spans the spectrum from UV to near-infrared (NIR) wavelengths, facilitating multiplex experiments. In addition to fluorescence imaging, the Sapphire FL can conduct white-light imaging and phosphor imaging, as well as chemiluminescence imaging with the optional Chemiluminescence Module.

The Sapphire FL also supports a wide range of sample types, from flat samples such as gels, blots, or slides, to samples with depth up to 4 cm including culture dishes, plants, and small model organisms. In vivo imaging of mice is possible with five built-in anesthesia ports. The focal plane is adjustable, and it is possible to collect Z-stacks and GIFs of thicker samples.

With such flexibility in imaging mode and sample type, the Sapphire FL supports a large variety of imaging applications. Azure Biosystems has published application and technical notes for using the Sapphire FL for phosphor imaging, in-cell Westerns, tumor tissue imaging, in vivo imaging of mouse tumors and more. 

Other notes describe how to take advantage of the multiplex capabilities of the Sapphire FL to conduct live/dead (AO/PI) assays on cultured cells and to increase assay efficiency with four-color multiplex detection.  There is also a searchable database of recent publications using the Sapphire FL in which new applications of the instrument can always be found.

>Learn more about the Sapphire FL and its capabilities here.

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