Partnership with GenDx shows post-transplant monitoring capability using the Azure Cielo

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Dublin, Calif. ­– November 10, 2022 – Azure Biosystems, a leading provider of innovative bioanalytical solutions for protein and genomic research, has partnered with GenDx, a leader in molecular diagnostics, to validate compatibility of the Azure Cielo 6 qPCR System with the GenDx KMRtype® and KMRtrack® kits for high-sensitivity monitoring of donor-recipient chimerism.

Azure’s work with GenDx demonstrates the Azure’s Cielo 6’s compatibility with both KMRtype and KMRtrack assays. The Cielo 6 provides the multichannel fluorescent detection required by the KMRtype assay. It can accept plate layouts from and export real-time PCR data to KMRengine, the software package from GenDx that sets up and analyzes the results of the KMRtrack and KMRtype assays. Azure and GenDx have worked together to publish an application note describing how to integrate the Cielo 6 into the associated workflows.

Read the application note using the Azure Cielo 6 with GenDx by clicking here.

After bone marrow or hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, it is important to monitor the chimeric state of the patient to ensure that donor cells survive and to quickly detect any change that would indicate a relapse of leukemia. The KMRtype and KMRtrack kits from GenDx provide a means to identify informative markers that differentiate donor from recipient cells (KMRtype) and to monitor post-transplant samples for chimerism (KMRtrack). Both kits contain the reagents and components necessary to set up multi-well plate assays that are carried out on a real-time quantitative PCR instrument.

Both the Cielo 3 and Cielo 6 are engineered for increased sensitivity and faster PCR run times compared to other RT-PCR instruments. Each LED is associated with 16 pairs of excitation and emission fibers to independently illuminate and detect 16 samples simultaneously, reducing plate movement and reducing light scatter associated with single illumination sources for excellent data consistency across different wells and different instruments.

For more information regarding Cielo or to partner on an application note, contact Azure at Download other application notes using the Azure Cielo, Azure Imaging Systems, Azure Sapphire, and more by clicking here.

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