Azure Biosystems Unveils Mini Sapphire

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Azure Biosystems Inc. is thrilled to announce the Azure Sapphire Mini, a micro, novel laser scanner that’s small but mighty. Wake up, life science, and welcome true innovation that’s going to change the way you research. Azure is proud to lead the way by pushing the boundaries of machinery.

Modern Workflow

The Azure Sapphire Mini will allow for increased flexibility. Users will be able to add their ingredients, such as reagents and substrates, and let the Sapphire Mini do the work of putting out the perfect image. Be on the lookout for an application note in the near future using the new Sapphire Mini.

Compact, without Sacrificing the Details

With this groundbreaking scanner, we challenged ourselves to create on a different scale: the new Sapphire Mini has the same capabilities and applications as its predecessor, but in a fraction of the blueprint. Have you ever wondered what the space on your bench could be utilized for if it weren’t for the instruments occupying your real estate? The new Sapphire Mini is the smallest imaging system on the market, weighing in at only 5.33 oz.

We worked with materials experts from different industries, to come up with a solution that encapsulates the finest lasers within the new, tiny frame. 

The new Sapphire Mini is ideal for delicate hands and allows for easy transfer from user to user. Plus, your clean-up will be easier than ever. Running late to an event but haven’t finished your imaging? Sapphire Mini fits into most modern pockets, and can easily connect to cellular hotspots. There’s never been a scanner quite like it.

April Fools!

Lemon slice - z stack image of a cross section-cut lemon, imaged with the Sapphire
Mouse embryo on Sapphire

While the Sapphire Mini is entirely fictional, our dedication to accelerating your science is not. We're innovating in spaces to deliver high-performance scanning systems around the world, like the real-life Azure Sapphire™.

The Sapphire Biomolecular Imager offers fluorescent imaging in the Near IR (NIR) and Visible Wavelengths (RGB), true chemiluminescent imaging as well as scanning of storage phosphor screens. The application flexibility, sensitivity, and resolution down to 10 microns, makes it an ideal imaging system for proteomics research labs.

The Sapphire achieves high performance and application flexibility by combining up to 4 solid-state laser diodes and three different detection methods: Photo multiplier tubes (PMTs), Avalanche photodiodes (APDs) and a cooled CCD camera. Previously, labs that needed the ultimate sensitivity for chemiluminescent, phosphor imaging and fluorescent imaging, would have to buy two or three separate, high priced instruments. Combining powerful performance into one system gives researchers a choice they have never had before, fully streamlining their workflow.

Read more about the Sapphire and how it can advance your imaging game by clicking here.

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