Azure to Exhibit at SFN Annual Meeting 2023 in Washington, DC

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Dublin, Calif. – November 1, 2023 ­– Azure Biosystems, a leading innovator in life science imaging and equipment, is thrilled to announce its participation in the upcoming Society of Neuroscience 2023 Annual Meeting. The event is scheduled to take place from November 11-15, 2023 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, in Washington, D.C.

Visitors to the Azure booth will have the opportunity to interact with a knowledgeable team, demo the showcased equipment, and gain insights into how these state-of-the-art products can accelerate their research and discovery processes.

The Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting is a premier event in the field of neuroscience, attracting thousands of researchers, scientists, and professionals from around the world. As a trusted name in the life sciences industry, Azure is excited to showcase its newest laser imaging system, the Sapphire FL Biomolecular Imager, its flagship imagers, the Azure Imaging Systems, as well as its reliable qPCR system, the Cielo.

Azure specializes in the development and manufacturing of state-of-the-art life science imaging solutions, catering to the specific needs of researchers and scientists in the field of neuroscience. The company’s dedication to quality, precision, and innovation has established it as a top choice for those seeking advanced chemiluminescent, fluorescent, or phosphor imaging technologies.

At the SFN 2032 Annual Meeting, Azure will be featuring its latest products and innovations, including:

  • Azure Sapphire FL Biomolecular Imager with lid open
    The Sapphire FL is the ultimate biomolecular imager for flexibility. With customizable and user-changeable laser and filter modules, it easily adapts to a lab’s changing needs and advancing research. The Sapphire FL offers customizable and user-changeable optical modules, 5–1000 μm resolution scans, a Z-plane range from -1.0 to +6 mm, 5 anesthesia ports for imaging living animals, chemiluminescence detection through the Chemiluminescence Module, and much more.
  • Azure 600 Western blot Imaging system
    The Azure 600 gives you the flexibility you need for your research, while delivering solutions for quantitative Western Blot imaging. It is the only system that offers two channel, laser-based IR and chemiluminescent detection, with the speed and sensitivity of film. The Azure 600 has the ability to image visible fluorescent dyes, standard EtBr and protein gels, and excitation for quantitative Western blot imaging in the NIR. This catchall Western blot imager improves your data quality imaging with infrared dyes and offers signal stability. Low background fluorescence imaging with NIR dyes allows you to study multiple proteins in a blot, even if those proteins overlap in molecular weight.
  • Azure Cielo qPCR system
    The Azure Cielo Real-Time PCR system provides accuracy and sensitivity needed for research, with intuitive touch screen software. Its novel fiber optic detection system allows for enhanced sensitivity and speed. The Cielo is available in either 3 or 6 channels, letting you analyze a variety of commercially available dyes, already in your workflow. Onboard software operated by a 10.2″ touchscreen minimizes footprint and saves you bench space.
  • Azure chemiSOLO with lid open
    chemiSOLO is a personal chemiluminescent imager that delivers high-quality, quantitative chemiluminescent and visible protein gel imaging through a unique web-based control software. Its advanced imaging technology, intuitive controls, and compact design provide users with a personal, high-quality chemiluminescent imager that will fit neatly into their busy lab spaces. chemiSOLO provides sensitive chemiluminescent imaging with femtogram protein detection capability and up to 24-bit imaging to capture images with increased dynamic range for more quantitative Western blots.

Visit Azure at booth #802 to see how Azure can help streamline your Western blotting and imaging workflow. SFN 2023 takes place Nov. 11-15, 2023.

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About Azure Biosystems

Azure Biosystems is a leading provider of life science imaging and equipment solutions, committed to advancing scientific research in various fields. With a focus on quality, precision, and innovation, Azure consistently develops cutting-edge products that cater to the specific needs of researchers and scientists. The company’s mission is to enable breakthrough discoveries and accelerate the pace of scientific advancement.


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