Azure Biosystems launches AzureSpectra Antibody Labeling Kits

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Today, Azure Biosystems, Inc. announces the release of their AzureSpectra Antibody Labeling Kits, which offer scientists an easy way to fluorescently label antibodies in less than an hour.

Available in a range of fluorophores spanning the visible and near-infrared fluorescent spectra, the AzureSpectra Antibody Labeling Kits produce conjugated antibodies compatible with multiple immunofluorescent applications including Western blotting, flow cytometry and immunofluorescent microscopy. Due to the non-overlapping spectra of the available AzureSpectra dyes, scientists can easily perform multiplexing – visualizing multiple proteins of interest simultaneously. Secondary antibodies or primary antibodies can be labeled using the AzureSpectra Antibody Labeling Kits. Directly labeled primary antibodies can be validated across multiple assays, and multiplexing can be performed without regard to the species source of the antibody.

“Where we see this product resonating most is with scientists who want to perform direct Westerns,” said Joy De Torres, Applications Scientist at Azure Biosystems. “Direct Westerns cut down on assay time and allow labs to multiplex using antibodies from the same host species. We’ve received requests from labs who have antibodies validated for their research looking for a way to multiplex, who are unable to using traditional blotting methods because their antibodies are produced in the same species. Our Labeling Kits solve that problem.”

Azure Biosystems will begin shipping AzureSpectra Antibody Labeling Kits in May 2016.

About Azure Biosystems

Azure Biosystems Inc. is an innovative life science platform company that designs, develops and markets state-of-the-art instruments, including the Ao absorbance microplate reader and the cSeries imaging platforms. Azure Biosystem’s experienced team has developed 2nd and 3rd generation imaging systems for the life science market, thus applying their technical and market knowledge in creating innovative industry standard setting platforms.

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