Azure Biosystems delivers total solution for Western blot imaging with launch of reagent line

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Azure Biosystems, Inc introduced a line of Western blotting reagents and consumables to support its Azure cSeries gel and Western blot imaging systems today. Scientists can now purchase both the imaging system and the supporting reagents from a single company for seamless integration of each step of the Western blotting process.

Western blotting is a powerful tool used to detect minute amounts of a specific protein in a complex mixture. The multistep procedure involves transferring the proteins in a sample to a membrane support and then incubating the membrane with antibodies that bind to the protein of interest. The antibodies are often labeled with probes that produce a fluorescent or chemiluminescent signal that can be detected by imaging the blot with a system like the c300, c400, c500 and c600 instruments from Azure. Until now, Azure could only offer the imaging system. Now, Azure imaging system users can utilize Azure’s brand of reagents for confidence in compatibility.

Azure’s line of reagents are designed for high performance chemiluminescent and fluorescent blotting. Radiance and Radiance Plus are superior chemiluminescent HRP substrates for quantitative data and femtogram sensitivity, respectively. AzureSpectra fluorescent Western kits allow detection of two proteins in one experiment and are easy to use, perfect for those just transitioning to fluorescent Westerns. Consumables such as transfer membranes, pre-mixed buffers and incubation trays complete the new offerings. All cSeries platforms, from the c200 gel documentation system to the c300, c400, and c500 Western imaging systems, can be upgraded in the field to the c600. Thus, customers will not require separate systems for gel documentation, chemiluminescent Western imaging, visible fluorescent Western imaging and IR Western imaging.

“We want to support customers at every step of the Western process, said Lisa Isailovic, Director of Marketing at Azure Biosystems. Many labs have requested reagent recommendations from us, and now we are able to bundle these tools with our system sales. Azure Biosystems cSeries began shipping in December 2013. Azure’s reagent lines began shipping June 2014.

About Azure Biosystems and the cSeries

Azure Biosystems Inc is an innovative life science platform company that designs, develops and markets state of the art imaging platforms such as the cSeries. Azure Biosystems experienced team have developed 2nd and 3rd generation imaging systems for the life science market, thus applying their technical and market knowledge in creating innovative industry standard setting platforms.


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