Why Choose the Azure Sapphire FL over the LiCor Odyssey

Azure Sapphire FL Biomolecular Imager with lid open

With more laser options to do more than just NIR fluorescence, the new Sapphire FL Biomolecular Imager delivers the power to capture more types of data at higher performance levels than the Odyssey, while staying within the same budgetary constraints.

  • 4-channel laser scanner
  • NIR Fluorescence
  • Visible Fluorescence
  • Phosphor imaging
  • Chemiluminescence imaging (with optional Chemiluminescent Module)

Custom laser options allow you to do more

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Sapphire FL biomolecular imager

It’s time to consider a new idea, an innovative system with proven results! Instead of taking the easy path and sticking with the same vendor, make the switch to a company that fully supports your research. Azure Biosystems recently launched the new Sapphire FL, which delivers more than the Typhoon. The Sapphire FL offers:

Visible Fluorescence ✅

NIR Fluorescence ✅

Phosphor Imaging ✅

Chemiluminescence ✅

Fluorescence Detectors: APD + PMT​

Automatic Z-plane Imaging Tool ✅

Fluorescence imaging area: 25 x 25 cm

Laser diode lifespan: 40,000 hours

Resolution: 5-1000 µm

Non-proprietary Image Formats ✅

Dynamic Range: > 6 logs

The Sapphire Imager is one of our lab’s main work horse instruments. It is used on a daily basis for fluorescent and chemiluminescent imaging of Western blots and plates. The image quality and resolution of the imager are top notch. The ability to image a single blot in multiple wavelengths is a great advantage as it saves precious samples, time and reagents. Customer support has been awesome and I would highly recommend this instrument to anyone looking to add fluorescent scanning to their lab.
Tim Jensen
The Sapphire Scanner is definitely the top model available on the market. It starts up fast, and doesn’t need to warm up. The scanning is very sharp and time saving. It also gives a wide range of intensity dynamics. This machine gives us excellent publishing grade results. We recently relocated the machine, and our sales and service care manager Nicole gave us a lot of instruction on transporting and hand on hand calibration.
Azure Sapphire™LI-COR® Odyssey® CLxLI-COR® Odyssey® M
NIR Fluorescence
Fluorescent Detection MethodAPD + PMTCMOSAPD
Visible Fluorescence
Phosphor Imaging
(Similar sensitivity to film)
Automatic Z-plane Imaging Tool
Non-proprietary Image Formats
Dynamic Range> 6 logs4-6 logs> 6 logs

Comparing Sapphire FL vs. Licor Odyssey

product specs

Available Lasers by system

Table 1. The Azure Sapphire FL Biomolecular Imager offers the greatest variety of excitation wavelengths of the instruments in its class.

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It’s Time to Take Control of your applications

Our dedicated Applications Scientists are ready to answer your questions and provide best imaging practices.

Improve your gel and blot workflows

The new Sapphire FL offers customizable and user-changeable optical modules, 5–1000 μm resolution scans, a Z-plane range from -1.0 to +6 mm, 5 anesthesia output ports for imaging living animals, chemiluminescence detection through the Chemiluminescence Module and much more.

As scientists, we like to pride ourselves on objectively evaluating data before coming to any conclusions, and staying open to new ideas if they are better supported by new information. Purchasing a new piece of lab equipment should be no different, especially when it comes to instruments we entrust to make measurements and record data for our critical studies.

Scientist changing optical modules on the new Azure Sapphire FL
Pick the modules that support your research. Changing the optical modules on the new Sapphire FL is simple and easy. The unique mechanism makes selecting lasers to match your dyes finally possible. Easily swap lasers, filters, and/or entire optical modules in under two minutes to suit the needs of your experiment.


With support of wavelengths between 375 – 900 nm, the Sapphire FL’s patent-pending design enables true dye and application flexibility. This versatility permits research-driven, rather than instrument-dictated, experimental design.

If you’re ready to see what more really means when it comes to a laser scanning imager for your lab, fill out the form above to get more information or set up a virtual demo. Azure’s highly trained staff of Technical Product Specialists, Field Applications Scientists and Application Scientists are dedicated to training and guiding customers in instrument use and application best practices based on publication standards.

Sapphire Applications

Southern blots | Northern blots | Western blots | Multiplex Westerns | Quantitative Westerns | Total Protein Normalization | In-cell Westerns | Agar plates/Clonogenic assays | Multi-well plate imaging | Protein arrays | Microarrays | ELISAs | Immunohistochemistry | Lateral flow immunoassay development | Thin layer chromatography imaging |  Electrophoretic mobility shift assays (EMSA) | 2D DIGE | Densitometry  |  Gel documentation | In-gel imaging | DNA gel imaging | RNA gel imaging  |  Protein gel imaging | Coomassie imaging | Silver-stain imaging |  Fluorescent gel stain imaging | Gel autoradiography | Membrane autoradiography | Tissue section autoradiography | Tissue section imaging | Plant bioluminescence imaging |  Phosphoprotein studies | Glycoprotein assays | Reporter gene assays | GFP expression in model organisms | Small animal imaging

Reasons to Choose Sapphire FL

  • Easily swap lasers and filters for expanded dye flexibility
  • Compatible with all third party dyes
  • >6 log dynamic range in a single acquisition without the use of image or data manipulating algorithms, so your raw data is truly raw
  • 5 outlet ports for anesthesia to enable imaging of small animals
  • Complete control of the z-axis and focal plane from -1.0 to +6 mm, at 0.01mm increments for more precise focus and signal to noise ratios
  • Multiplex fluorescence scanning of both visible and NIR wavelengths, phosphor imaging, and the option to add true chemiluminescence imaging
  • Optional Chemiluminescent Module that surpasses film
  • Higher sensitivity for lower limits of detection (femtograms)
  • Broad linear dynamic range for accurate quantitation
  • Ease of use with intuitive control software


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pERK Detection via ICW Video

Azure Sapphire Video

Higher performance is near.

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