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We purchased the Azure imaging system to replace our previous digital imager (a Fluorchem Q) when it broke beyond repair. We chose the Azure system for several reasons. First, the machine itself was simple to use and had a small footprint, which is very important for our cramped bench space. Second, we were able to demo the machine. You cannot appreciate how easy-to-use a piece of equipment is until you have it in your hands without the field rep there to guide you. Third, Azure will send field reps to service the instrument. We chose Azure over Protein Simple because Protein Simple would not do this. Quality customer service is important for us because our lab is small and we are all very busy and unable to spend hours troubleshooting.

Darlise DiMatteo, Incyte Corporation

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Better Images and Better Support

All Azure customers have access to free software updates, easy-to-follow software tutorials,
along with our best-in-class support team.
lane detection

Best Image Quality


Modern, multimodal CCD camera that produces high-quality, publication-ready images through sensitive chemiluminescence detection


Small Size

Less footprint than an average desktop printer

More space to do what you do best!

42 x 56 x 33 cm (W x H x D)​

Excellent Customer Support


Global support team is available to answer your questions about imaging, analysis or applications


Innovative Design Translates into Better Performance

It should be no surprise that instrument design can greatly impact instrument performance. At Azure Biosystems, we focus on using technological innovation to deliver instruments that really impact a scientist’s work. Our design choices simplify workflows and improve performance without significantly impacting price.

Direct, mirror-free detection delivers better sensitivity

One way the design of Azure Imagers delivers better performance than FluorChem imagers is through our direct-mirror-free detection. We place our CCD sensor close to the sample to maximize light collection efficiency and, thus, sensitivity. In contrast, the FluorChem sensor is placed much farther away from the sample, reducing sensitivity.

In addition, FluorChem does not directly detect light from the sample, but rather the light is reflected onto the sensor using a mirror, which further reduces sensitivity.

Decrease in light intensity (inverse-square law)
NIR lasers increase sensitivity and reduce background

The use of laser light sources for NIR illumination in Azure Imaging Systems further increases sensitivity. Lasers deliver an inherently narrower excitation band than LEDs—they emit a coherent, collimated beam of light. Lasers avoid the overlap in excitation and emission signals that can occur with LED light sources. This results in ultra-low background signal, enabling faster, more sensitive NIR fluorescence detection.

NIR lasers used in Azure Imagers keep signal high and background low. The robust excitation energy delivered by lasers maximizes emission strength for optimal detection sensitivity.

Multiplex fluorescent Western blot from Azure Biosystems imager
Digital images of 4-color multiplex Western Blot. Using distinct fluorescent and near-infrared targeting antibodies can detect each wavelength and merge them into a four-color multiplex image. No background noise or bleeding between channels.

Upgrades available for chemiluminescence, NIR fluorescence and RGB fluorescence.

Bench-friendly, Space-saving Footprint

AZI vs. FluorChem size comparison

Footprint of the 600® Imager (42 x 56 x 33 cm; W x H x D) vs. the FluorChem System (dotted line, 32 x 62.23 x 62.23 cm)

Our Customers Include

More about Azure Imagers

All Azure Imaging Systems offer:
  • Focus-free imaging, no-positioning necessary
  • One-touch workflows—select your application and the instrument chooses the appropriate light source and filters
  • AzureSpot Analysis Software for powerful and streamlined quantitative analysis
Select instruments offer:
  • Chemiluminescent detection that’s just as sensitive as film, but easier and more quantitative
  • Two NIR lasers (660 nm and 785 nm) that keep signal high and background low
  • Efficient multiplex detection with three visible fluorescence channels and/or two NIR fluorescence channels
  • An optional Q-module that adds the capability to perform total protein normalization using AzureRed Total Protein Stain to 300 and 500 Imagers

Review of the Azure 600 from SelectScience

“We’ve been very pleased with the Azure 600 Gel Imaging System. The quality and limit of detection for both the chemiluminescence and near-IR images is outstanding. Image acquisition is straightforward and user-friendly. The after-sales support is top notch – as there have been additional software upgrades and peripheral devices that were rolled-out post purchase. We’ve been happy with the new features. Our main contact at Azure (Vic Gagne) has been amazing. What sets this system apart from some of the bigger vendors is the ease-of-use and the personalized customer support. If your lab or core facility is looking for an imaging system, I highly recommend the Azure 600 Gel Imaging System.”

—John Flanagan, Civetta Therapeutics


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