Workhorse Gel Imager

The Azure 200 is a gel imager able to easily image DNA and protein gels images without the use of a darkroom.

Azure 200 gel imager

Azure 200® | The Workhorse Gel Imager

Blue Light

White Light


Performance and Affordability Go Hand-in-hand

Artistic overlay of a scientist using an Azure 600 Western blot imaging system

The Azure 200 is a simple, touch screen based gel documentation imaging system. It is designed for UV, color imaging, blue-excited DNA dyes, and Coomassie gel imaging. No focusing, regardless of the size of your gel, all images are in focus without needing to adjust the focus. No positioning, no matter where you place the sample in the imager, the Azure 200 will capture it.


Automatic Imaging

Select the application and it will choose the light sources and filters for you. The Azure 200 can be easily upgraded at a later time to accommodate additional applications.

High Resolution Imaging

A 5.4MP camera provides high resolution imaging perfect for publications.

UV Imaging using Ethidium Bromide
"Safe" Dye Detection

A less toxic alternative to ethidium bromide, less-harmful “Safe” dyes can be imaged with the EPI Blue LEDs standard in all the systems.

Dynamic Range of 4.82 orders of magnitude

4.8 OD Dynamic Range

Blue Light ImagingSYBR® Safe, SYBR® Gold, SYBR® Green
Field Upgradable for More Light Sources

The flexibility of Azure Imaging Systems comes from the wide variety of light sources and filters to detect fluorescent dyes up to 832nm. The Azure 200 is upgradeable, for when your research needs evolve.

AZI light sources
Intuitive capture software controlled by a wide touchscreen

Every Azure Imaging System provides high-resolution imaging that is ideal for publication purposes, as well as higher pixel well cap for higher dynamic range.

Compact Design

At 42 x 56 x 33 cm, the small size translates into saving more room on your bench.

Footprint of the Azure Gel Imager vs. similar system (dotted line)
Connectivity through WI-FI, Ethernet, and USB with Microsoft Windows10 OS
Azure 200 gel imager
Azure 200 is a gel imager that offers:

Flexibility—High sensitivity and performance for DNA and Protein gel imaging

Quantitative accuracy—Designed for quantitation, our reagents, imaging system, and software work seamlessly together to help you follow best practices for Western blot publication

Intelligent workflow—Our user interface allows total customization over imaging protocols, while ensuring repeatability from sample to sample. Our systems feature Auto-Focus, Auto-Illumination and Filter Control, and Auto-Image Capture. An integrated touchscreen allows ease of use and it can easily be controlled by an external PC, if required.

Data integrity—Azure Biosystems meets the standards for publication in all major journals, and additionally offers software to enable 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance.



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Compare Western Blot Imaging Systems

Choose the configuration that supports today’s studies, while maintaining the option to upgrade later on

Upgrades available for chemiluminescence, NIR fluorescence and RGB fluorescence.

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