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Azure Biosystems introduces the Azure Ao Absorbance Microplate Reader, offering application flexibility and an effortless user experience at the touch of a finger.

Dublin, Calif. – August 5, 2016 – Today, Azure Biosystems, Inc. introduces the Ao absorbance microplate reader: a stand-alone 96-well plate reader, combining application flexibility and performance in a user-friendly system. An extensive array of 96-well plate-based applications are supported, including ELISAs, nucleic acid quantification, protein quantification, enzyme kinetics, and other colorimetric assays. The Ao was developed in line with the core value of Azure Biosystems – a focus on user requirements for small, easy-to-use laboratory equipment supporting protein, nucleic acid, and enzyme research.

Focusing on the idea that laboratory equipment should be intuitive and easy to use, the Ao absorbance reader was designed with a 7-inch full touch screen interface, a feature typically restricted to much more expensive systems. Other microplate readers in the same category require a companion computer or laborious key pad-based entry. Setting up a plate with the Ao can now be done quickly at the touch of a finger. The 8-position filter wheel includes 5 standard filters at 405, 450, 492, 595, and 630 nm, plus 3 user-choice filters selected from 340-750 nm providing maximum application flexibility and customization for the individual lab. A built-in shaker, pre-set and customizable protocols, single and dual wavelength detection modes, and a motorized door for easy loading and unloading are all included in the Ao absorbance reader. The software supports pre-processing analysis, concentration determination, interpretation with controls, and kinetic measurement analysis and curves. Azure is offering a standard 2-year warranty with the Ao absorbance reader.

Lisa Isailovic, Director of Marketing at Azure Biosystems says of the Ao, “Microplate readers are essential instruments in life science research, and Azure is excited that our Ao microplate reader will expand Azure’s support to a broader range of applications with a distinct user-friendly system. The Ao compliments Azure’s existing cSeries gel and Western blot imaging systems by providing another tool for protein and nucleic acid research.”

Azure Biosystems will begin shipping the Ao absorbance microplate Reader in September 2016.

About Azure Biosystems

Azure Biosystems Inc. is an innovative life science platform company that designs, develops and markets state-of-the-art instruments, including the Ao absorbance microplate reader and the cSeries imaging platforms. Azure Biosystem’s experienced team has developed 2nd and 3rd generation imaging systems for the life science market, thus applying their technical and market knowledge in creating innovative industry standard setting platforms.

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